Rescue Dummies - put to clever use by SpanSet!


SpanSet use a variety of Work at Height Rescue Training manikins (often known as Rescue Dummies) and weight bags on many of our Work at Height Training Courses – IRATA, MATS Tower Climber & Rescue and Gotcha CRD.

Social Distancing

During Covid, SpanSet have not conducted one to one, person to person rescue practice due to social distancing measures, keeping our customers and Instructors safe. 

More time to train and more realistic

By using a training manikin as the casualty rather than candidates on Training Courses, there is more time for candidates to be trained and practice rather than ‘hang about’ as the casualty and it’s a lot more comfortable too. 

But they are heavy and a pain to hoist up, aren't they??

Not when using our SpanHoist and range of Safe Lifting Kits which take the hassle out of safely lifting the rescue dummy into position! 

"We find them invaluable when rigging dummies and weighted bags" - says Sam Wilkinson, Training Manager.

No one to one rescue practice

Keeping our customers and instructors safe

No hanging around!

How heavy are they?

The SpanSet rescue manikins weigh between 60-80Kg.  Using a heavy manikin gives a realistic feel for rescue training and worker weight is also an issue everyone should be aware of.  How much do you weigh when fully kitted up?? 


Our lifting and lowering device, for workers over the side of a ship for example or in confined spaces, including remote recovery of a casualty. SpanHoist can also be used to lift and lower loads and rescue dummies! Available in effective working lengths of 12.5-50m and with a working load limit of 200kg.

Safe Lifting Kit 

Our unique and ever popular Safe Lifting Kit allows workers to transport small, mixed loads to the top of structures. The Safe Lifting Kit is a quick,  simple and fool proof rope hoist kit. It features an auto lock function, protecting workers and equipment below the bag should the person pulling the lifting rope accidentally let go.  Available in different lengths, enabling the user to lift a load from heights between 12m up to 75m.  Cost effective and lightweight.

Never stop investing, never stop improving, never stop doing something new!

As part of our continual improvement drive, SpanSet have recently invested in a new rescue manikin as our old one was looking a bit the worse for wear!

No advice from a dummy, however.... 

Have any questions about training - our experienced and knowledgeable team of instructors are always on hand to answer any questions or you can refer to our Training FAQ section.

Time for a Brew

We have a new coffee machine here at SpanSet HQ.  All candidates are welcome to free coffee as they enjoy the lunch provided! 

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