The theme of the day was Training - the crucial link between the worker and their equipment and covered many industry sectors – Lifting, Load Control and Work at Height.

We were delighted to welcome over 80 delegates to last week’s Free Technical Day. 

The day started with a buffet lunch and an opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals before a brief introduction to the day by Pete Ward, MD at SpanSet.

Delegates were split into groups which rotated round to watch the various demonstrations organised. 

Pete Ward MD

'The lunch was outstanding'.... 'Vegan food was delicious'

Also available on the day was a look into the future with revolutionary Virtual Reality technology.

SKILLS DRIFT is a recognised problem in the work force as ‘A skill rarely used may be completely forgotten’. Justin & Simon, using the Gotcha Rescue kit, demonstrated the importance of refresher training as the most effective way to keep those skills sharp and effective.



LANYARD DEPLOYMENT DROP TEST – Simon & Phil explained how workers can ensure they have enough safe clearance height by understanding how lanyards absorb the energy of a fall and how the safe distance can be calculated.


SpanSet has Innovated new lanyards over the years to improve fall distance and many were deployed on the drop test tower – a popular, if noisy demonstration!

LOAD CONTROL/RESTRAINT - Professional HGV drivers have very little, if any formal training in the use of load control equipment. They often assume that if it’s a heavy load, add a few more straps!

During this detailed demonstration Sam and Lee explained the importance of friction and how this plays an important role in effective load control. 

Good use was made of the Load Control Simulator a key training tool at SpanSet.

SpanSet's lashing force controller card is a handy tool used to calculate the number of straps required to secure a load..

CREATIVE RIGGING – ‘How a skill often used can lead to bad habits’.

During training courses we often come across experienced delegates using lifting equipment incorrectly, potentially endangering themselves or fellow workers. This can often be a case of picking up bad habits or not having the appropriate equipment to conduct the lift correctly.


Tom and Alex demonstrated how, with the correct training and equipment loads can be moved safely and effectively.


At SpanSet we understand this which is why we support our Professional Instructors with a wide variety of Training tools and techniques in an excellent learning environment.  Steve demonstrated our innovative Smartboards and described how SpanSet have invested in our state of the art training facility that can be used in all-weather conditions & simulate real life activities in a safe environment conducive to learning.

ROPE ACCESS is a complex work at height activity often conducted in challenging environments.

Using both theoretical and practical demonstrations, Liam highlighted the importance of understanding angles whilst rigging ropes & conducting rope to rope transfers.

SpanSet has invested knowledge, experience & resources into developing a learning environment that engages the delegates, preparing them for a career on the ropes.

Thank you to all those who attended, braved the elements, entered the competition and gave us your feedback:

‘A really useful and insightful day. Very well organised, thank you’. Simon Donnelly, Arqiva.

‘Excellent day, really enjoyed it. Many thanks’ Adrian Myatt, JCB who when asked if he’d make any changes answered: ‘ A nice sunny day without rain 😊’ – we’ll try our best for next time!


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