SupraPlus X - the Premium Roundsling, by SpanSet.

Compact, Tough, Cost effective!


Discarding too many worn out roundslings on site?

Looking for performance, durability and to reduce costs - both financial and to our planet?

Introducing SupraPlusX – the Premium Roundsling, by SpanSet.  

Compact, Tough, Cost effective!

With 55 years of lifting experience, inventors of the original roundsling, SpanSet understand safe lifting.  We are constantly innovating, setting new industry standards and helping industry to lift the heaviest of loads, both safely and economically. 
SupraPlus-X is not only extremely robust, but particularly versatile: Its hard wearing and compact design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, while offering optimum protection against damage to the load using chains or wire ropes can cause. Handling is easier and safety improved for the worker - injuries caused by protruding wire strands are avoided for example.

Robust construction –

for the longest service life, even under the toughest conditions. 

  New   50 % increased tear resistance

The outer sleeve is manufactured from high performance polyester, polyamide and ribbed HMPE fibre for rib reinforcement.  SuprPlusX roundslings have double the HMPE fibre ribbing than the original SupraPlus, giving a 50% increase in tear resistance and protecting the main sleeve.   

Textile wire reinforcement in the outer sleeve

For maximum safety and reliability SupraPlus-X has a textile wire reinforcement woven into the outer sleeve, giving higher durability and wear and cut resistance.  SupraPlusX roundslings out last and outperform regular roundslings. 

  New   Compact Construction – easier to handle with no               loss of performance

With a 9% reduction in width, the narrower SupraPlusX roundslings are easier for workers to handle and fit into smaller hooks and fittings.  More slings can be used on hooks and fittings without overcrowding. The compact construction reduces ruffling, snagging and ultimately wear on the outer sleeve, however there is no reduction in load capacity. 

Practically designed -

for faster working and safer lifts!

Tear resistant label

If a label is lost or illegible, the use of a sling is prohibited.  For this reason, our unique label is reinforced with webbing and sewn on to be tear-proof and is additionally protected against dirt and abrasion by a transparent protective tube.  

WLL woven into sleeve - avoid confusion 

The Working Load Limit (WLL) information is woven into the cover of the sling and designed to be legible even when the roundsling is heavily soiled. The correct sling with the required WLL can be identified easily ensuring work is more efficient and lifts safer. 

RFID Optional 

SupraPlus-X can be equipped with an RFID transponder. In combination with the IDXpert net testing software, Inspection documentation is accelerated and simplified. 

Cost effective!

SupraPlus-X roundslings outlast and outperform regular roundslings.

Investing in a premium sling will reduce consumption and discard, ultimately decreasing costs and carbon footprint.



SupraPlus-X Roundslings

Available in standard working lengths from 0.5 to 8m and a working load limit (WLL) 500 to 8,000kg.

Ideal for lighter lifting!