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Gotcha2 Rescue Kit


Personal fall protection equipment will stop scaffolders falling to the ground and is esssential work at height equipment.  However, the problem is not solved only by arresting the fall, the casualty may be suspended out of reach and in need of rescuing to a place of safety for urgent medical care.

Rescue Kits - advice from our experts 

Investing in the Gotcha2 provides the best in rescue kit provision for scaffolders.  A pre-assembled kit which is designed to be intuitive to use in what can be a stressful situation, the Gotcha2 enables fellow workers to act, not wait!


Also to consider 

Ensure you book a genuine SpanSet Gotcha Rescue training course. Courses are scheduled regularly at Training Centres throughout the UK, however, if you need help organising training on a date/location convenient to you, our friendly team are here to help. 

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Gotcha2 Rescue Kit

The Industry Standard Rescue Kit

Safeguarding scaffolders and the trades working in the Construction, Oil & Gas, Nuclear etc Industries

  • Up to 50m lowering height
  • Intuitive to use by casualty’s co workers
  • Equally efficient for lifting or lowering
  • No cut operation  
  • Enhanced pulley system for efficient lifting and greater control when lowering


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