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Building and dismantling scaffold is hard physical work.  Scaffolders wear their harnesses all day long - our scaffold harness range is designed to fit well, be comfortable to wear and to allow the freedom to move when climbing ladders and moving about scaffold.

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Harnesses - advice from our experts

When building and dismantling scaffold, scaffolders are at risk of fall from incomplete structures with missing guardrails.  In the event of a fall, a SpanSet harness will protect, safely hold and support the wearer as they hang in the harness awaiting rescue.

Additional features to look for


Scaffolders carry scaffold tubes on their shoulders. Both the 2X Scaffolder and Scaff-Pro harnesses have padding and wear protection to the shoulder for increaseD comfort and to extend the life of the harness.

Most scaffolders attach the lanyard to the rear of the harness, however, some fall arrest devices and rescue systems require the use of front attachment points.  If a harness doesn't have a front attachment point it may not be suitable for use with vertical ladder climbing systems or to perform rescue procedures.  Both the 2X Scaffolder and Scaff-Pro have front and rear attachment points.

Professional - Scaff-Pro

The latest in SpanSet design and innovation.


Suitable for large scale infrastructure projects - rail, petrochemical plants, power stations and offshore oil and gas installations etc.

Standard - 2-X Scaffold

Our best selling scaffold harness.


Sitable for more complet scaffolding operations - on larger industrial constrcution, facilities maintenance projects and so on.

Economy - Spectre

A basic harness at entry level price point.


Suitable for straigthforward scaffolding operations - on housing construction projects for example.

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