Scaffold Lanyards


An energy absorbing lanyard is the connection between the anchor and harness and helps the harness absorb the breaking forces in the event of a fall.

In the event of a fall, the DSL3 retractor INSTANTLY engages, retracting the lifeline, significantly shortening the distance the worker falls compared to a traditional fall arrest lanyard!

Lanyards - advice from our experts

Basic EN355 types lanyards are only suitable for workers up to 100kg.  Both the SP140 and DSL3 Lanyards are safe for workers weighing up to 140kg (22 stone) .


Additional features to look for



DSL3 is the first fall arrest lanyard to combine an auto shortening lanyard with a fully certified energy absorber. This ensures, in the event of a fall, the distance fallen is as short as possible.

The SP140 Twin Elastic Lanyard helps avoid entanglement and tripping hazards.

Professional - DSL3

The latest in SpanSet design and innovation.


Protects with the shortest possible fall distances. Suitable for large scale infrastrcuture projects - rail, petrochemical plants, power stations and offshore oil and gas installations etc.

Standard - SP140 Twin Elastic

Our best selling elasticated scaffold lanyard.


Suitable for a more complex scaffolding operations - on larger industrial construction, facilitites maintenance projects and so on.

Economy - Spectre twin

A basic lanyard at entry level price point.


Suitable for straightforward scaffolding operations - on housing construction projects for example.

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