Protect your Tower Crane Operator, protect your Rescue Team!

Safe Tower Crane Recue with SpanSet

Protect your Tower Crane Operator, protect your Rescue Team!

SpanSet have supplied both specialist rescue equipment and training to the Tower Crane sector for over 20 years. Our innovative products and industry leading training courses ensure we remain at the forefront of keeping Tower Crane Operators and Rescue Teams safe nationwide.

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The forgotten worker?? Out of sight should never mean out of mind!  

Tower Crane Operators are an essential part of many sites, often working over 100m off the ground.  Their safety, as for any worker is of the highest priority.  Should the Operator become incapacitated, or their usual access from the cab be impassable, a safe and rapid evacuation from what is an extreme location is required.

The need for a Rescue Plan!  

There are many types of rescue available and a clear rescue plan is essential to avoid placing the rescuers themselves at unnecessary risk.

The three approaches to rescue:
Improvised/unplanned -

This may be effective, however could place the rescuers in danger and there is a risk of failure.

Permanent Rescue Team / Emergency Services

A permanent Rescue Team may be prohibitively expensive and/or impractical.    The Emergency Services should always be called, whichever rescue approach is taken.  However, they need to be aware of the circumstances in advance and able to get to the casualty in time.

 Planned Rescue

A well planned rescue, ready for an evacuation scenario is an effective solution.  For example, many Tower Crane Operators trust the combination of a preassembled Gotcha CRD rescue kit, in place on site together with the comprehensive training in its use.


SpanSet products designed for safe Tower Crane Rescue

When a casualty is injured or in need of rescue every second counts.

Gotcha CRD Ladder

The Gotcha range includes the Gotcha CRD (Controlled Rate Device) Ladder, designed for rescue from Tower Cranes or fixed ladders on wind turbines, industrial warehousing, telecoms towers etc.

Features include:

  • Up to 200m
  • Automatic descender suitable for direct lowering with minimal user input.
  • Winch system enables lifting for short distances.
  • No cut operation
  • For rescue & evacuation (of multiple users)
Are your Tower Crane Operators and Rescue Team members protected by a Gotcha CRD Ladder Rescue Kit?


Casualty Harness

This simple, 3-part harness is designed to aid in the recovery and support of a casualty who was not already wearing a full body harness. Easy to fit to an unconscious person even when they are lying on the ground.

Once secured inside the harness an unconscious casualty is securely braced ready for lifting and lowering, while a conscious casualty can comfortably put themselves into a sitting position.

The 3 parts of the harness are colour coded and named to ensure the correct assembly of fastening buckles in an emergency.

Below - 'Real time' demonstration of a rescue of an unconscious casualty from a Tower Crane using a Gotcha CRD (Controlled Rate Descent) Kit and casualty harness.  The combination of the kit and training shows casualty being lowered to safety quickly and smoothly ready for the Emergency Services to take over.

Equipment designed with the worker in mind

Click on images for full product specification.

2-X Harness

  • For the worker’s safety, SpanSet full body harnesses are designed to be straightforward to fit and adjust.  In the event of a fall our harnesses support the worker correctly, without stretching or distortion. 
  • As long hours are spent working in a harness, comfort and ease of movement are essential. SpanSet harnesses are manufactured using top quality, supple webbing to ensure an ergonomic, secure and comfortable fit.  
  • Cost effective – SpanSet’s harnesses are hardwearing and durable in use.  Lasting longer than harnesses made with cheaper materials.

SP140 Twin Loop Back Lanyard

  • Twin, 'traffic light' energy absorbing lanyard. 
  • Designed to attach to the structural elements of the tower crane, allowing the rescuer to keep 100% attachment without putting themselves at risk.

Safety Helmet

  • Dial for quick and simple adjustment, endsuring a comfortable and secure fit.
  • 4-point industrial rated chinstrap with quick release buckle - the helmet is therefore secure during side impacts, but will break free if loaded across the neck.
  • Moisture wicking fabric and air vents prevent build-up of moisture inside the helmet.



Optional extras

High Level Rescue Guideline Kit 50m

  • Guide casualty away from obstructions on descent that might hinder rescue or cause more injury.

Plastic Storage Barrel

  • 120 litre barrel for the safe storage of Gotcha Rescue kits.
  • Tamper tag when locked.

Edge Protector Plate for Rope Rescue Kits

  • When conducting a rescue over an edge or where the rescue ropes will run past an edge it is good practice to protect the rope from abrasion.
  • This plate is designed to place over the edge and allow the rope to run freely without damage.
  • The two guide rings ensure plate can be secure in place to present it moving or being dropped from height.

Lifting Assembly for the Gotcha Rescue Kit Storage Barrel

  • Rated lifting equipment conforms to LOLER standards.

Tower Crane Safety Harness Rescue Course (using Gotcha CRD Kit) - 1 day course

Essential training in the use of the Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit for both rescue and evacuation. Gain the knowledge and practical skills to rescue an unconscious casualty from a Tower Crane or similar high structure. 


Course information here >>


For 20+ years SpanSet have been at the forefront of providing Work at Height Training courses. In 2008 we were the first Training company to be accredited to BS8454 – the code of practice for the Delivery of Training and Education for Working at Height and Rescue.

Our professional and knowledgeable Instructors have extensive industry experience in a wide range of sectors.  You can be confident in the technical expertise of SpanSet as a market leading Training Provider.

Our purpose-built Training Facility based in Middlewich, Cheshire offers exceptional Training Structures and facilities including a Lattice Mast, Open Faced Tower and Monopole, both indoor and outdoor Training Structures and Rooftops together with state-of-the-art classrooms and smartboard technology. 

For help and advice on any of our products, services or training - call now on 01606 737494 or leave a message here.


SpanSet invented the revolutionary Gotcha Rescue System in 2000 to solve the problem of casualties needing rescue when suspended out of reach, be it on a fall arrest lanyard 2m away or in a Tower Crane cab 100m above the ground.  ‘Gotcha’ is trusted by workers across industry and recognised as a market leader in rescue equipment.

All models in the Gotcha Rescue and Evacuation Ranges feature:

  • Designed for co-workers to perform rescue of a casualty or for workers to complete evacuation from dangerous situations.
  • All Gotcha Kit features are straigthforward to use in what can be a stressful situation.
  • Pre-assembled and 100% function checked before sealing and despatched.
  • Sealed to protect contents.  Kits last longer and are easier to inspect and maintain.
  • Expertly designed, quality carry bag for ease of handling, transport and storage.
  • Clear visual instructions on robust laminated card.
  • RFID tagged for traceability.

The Gotcha range is designed to fit different scenarios across many industries and is the original, Fall Arrest Kit. Backed by SpanSet's support and technical expertise, comprehensive training and inspection services.