CarrySuit® Exoskeleton

Reduces the load
when carrying and holding
heavy loads

Heavy loads - Never felt lighter


Reduces the load on the user

Musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems.

Relieves the hands, arms, shoulders and back

Transfer the weight of the payload to the user’s hip.

Prevents Overloading 

Joint such as the wrist, elbow, shoulder and spine.

Reduces heart rate 

Carry and hold loads.

What kind of work is supported ?

Designed to support all work that requires holding and carrying heavy loads.

This includes applications in construction, relocation, warehousing, logistics, and others. 


How to attach different loads

Equipped with two snap
hooks to connect loads

Quickly attach and detach a variety of payloads. For payloads that cannot be connected with a snap hook, we offer and develop various exchangeable adapters to connect them to the CarrySuit.

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How it Works

Transfers the weight of the payload to the user’s hip

Bypassing critical joints like the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and spine and relieving the muscles in the torso and upper extremities.

Heart rate and muscle activity measurements have shown that the CarrySuit can significantly reduce the load on the users' musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. The result is that the work is much less exhausting and strainful.

CarrySuit® Exoskeleton

Heavy loads - Never felt lighter

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Supports workers during frequent activities over above shoulder level


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