OmniSuit® Overhead Exoskeleton


For tasks carried out at shoulder height or overhead


Dynamic shoulder support

Enhanced shoulder support up to 6.6 Nm and two different support levels that can be switched in seconds.

Reduce neck and shoulder tension

When carrying out activities shoulder height or overhead.

Unique body, movements, and support requirements

Allow unrestricted movement.

Cutting-edge technology

Made from advanced materials.


 Soft and Rigid Exoskeleton [2.7 Kg].

Unique Multitask Exoskeleton for

Versatile Support

Combined shoulder and back support solution for dynamic work activities,
including overhead and lifting tasks.

Combines rigid and
soft components

Seamlessly to create a highly ergonomic and versatile support system.

The multiple support system consists of two Elastic Energy Storage (EES) units that utilize gravity compensation and energy recuperation for the back and shoulders.

Telescopic mechanism
in the arm ensures fit

The back support can be gradually tuned to a variety of tasks, while the need for shoulder support is covered through two support levels.

Covers entire vertical range of motion without compromising performance

New dimension of multitask exoskeletons, offering individualized solutions tailored for a wide range of work environments.

Backed by intensive research and scientific evidence.

OmniSuit® Overhead Exoskeleton

For tasks carried out at shoulder height or overhead

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Full range of Exoskeletons


Supports back and hip muscles when lifting objects in a forward leaning position


Supports arms, shoulders and upper body when carrying or holding heavy payloads


Supports workers during frequent activities over above shoulder level

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