Go Green update!


Here at SpanSet, through our Go Green Campaign we are constantly looking for new business practises which will have a positive effect on our environment. 

Solar Engergy

In November 2021 we announced the installation of solar panels onto the roof of our Middlewich head office and on-site training facility to ensure electricity for our building and electric cars is produced in a clean way. 

The work is now complete, just in time for the coming heatwave!  The initial installation will produce 50kVA, with future to plans to add more panels as local electrical infrastructure allows. 

SpanSet Instructor, Lee Sparks has taken some excellent drone footage of the installation…..and our roof used for the Rooftop Safety, Work Restraint Training course.


EV Charging points installed 

We've also been busy installng Electric Vehicle charging points for use by our company vehicles.  Over 40% of our fleet are electric with plans in place for this to be 100% as soon as possible.

The EV charging points will potentially be accessible by customers if required.  Please contact reception on arrival for further information.


Spanset - an innovative company embracing the latest technology.
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