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We have over 50 years experience working with industry leaders in the Transport, Warehousing and Logistics industries. 


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SpanSet are a world leader and authority in load control solutions with extensive experience in meeting the challenges of freight logistics operations as well as a long experience working with many partners in the transport, warehousing and logistics industires. SpanSet are at the forefront of load security development and are ideally placed to assist the rail freight sector in rising to the challenges of modern logistics and recent changes in expectations due to the pandemic. 

We are experts in providing solutions in the areas of Height Safety, Load Restraint and Safety Management.

If you need to tie it down lift it up or work above it we are the experts. If you are moving, a product from A to B we can help you get it there in just as good a condition as when it left you.

Here are a few ways we can help those working in Transporting, Warehousing and Logistics (Vin will add links in once PIM is active):

  • Lashings: We supply a wide range - everything from holding a fire extingisher in an ambulance to securing a tank on an army transporter.

  • Specialist Ratchets: A wide range of ratchets unique to SpanSet

  •  Tension Force Indicators: Guarantee correct lashing tension

  • Anti Slip Mats: increase the friction between the load and the load bed thus dramatically reducing the number of lashings required.  Quicker to load/unload and load security is increased.

  • Edge Protection: Prevent damage to loads and lashings 

  • Hammock Lashings: Ideal for securing fragile loads

…and of course we also offer Training in their use: 



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FAQ: Transport, Warehousing and Logistics

Q: I know what I would like to do however I'm unsure on which product I need. Can you help?

A: Yes. At SpanSet we pride ourselves on being experts within Height Safety, Lifting and Load Control and on giving our customers the best advice rather than just hard-core sales. Our specialists will work with you to provide the best solution for your requirements. Our reputation is for being knowledgeable, professional and reliable – ask us and see.

Q – Do I need load restraint if the load is very heavy, it won’t move will it?

A: All loads require restraint irrespective of the weight.  As both a manufacturer and Load Restraint Specialists we advise on all aspects of keeping a load secure in transit, no matter how heavy - the number and type of lashing straps required, the use of anti –slip matting to increase the friction between the goods being carried and the load bed, edge protection and much more!

Q - We are suffering damage to the packages we deliver for a client what can we do?

A: By working with the transport, logistics and haulage industry SpanSet have developed a wide range of products to protect loads in transit, including fragile cargos. The Guardian Load Restraint System, Hammock Lashings and specialist edge protection are just some examples.

Q - We run curtainsiders on a multi drop contract. We are being told we cannot climb on to the vehicle to use our straps. Why is this?

A: The Working at Height Act has been in force since 2005 and means as soon as your drivers leave the ground you need to protect them. Either install a restraint system that allows the goods to be secured without leaving the ground or provide protection from falls for your drivers. One problem with two solutions.  At SpanSet we give expert advice on ‘Load Plans’ and can help with solutions to driver/loader safety with for example the Capcha Fall Arrest System.

Q - I run XL rated trailers with load bearing curtains, do I need to use straps?

A: Yes, the curtains provide weather protection but even with EN12642XL bodywork the load must be secured with straps to the platform to comply with DVSA guidance. 

Q - We have to move Masts to a Windfarm and need to provide a load plan to the customer. Do SpanSet advise on how to prepare a Load Plan?

A: Yes. We regularly advise customers on the safest way to move loads from A to B.  Contact us with the specific details and we will be able to help.

Q- How do I safely load and unload a trailer of, for example roof trusses?

A: The simplest way to do this is by pre-slinging your load and using a static or vehicle mounted crane. As a training provider and manufacturer of slings we can help you with this.

Q - We run car transpoprters and want to improve our method of holding the cars on the truck – do SpanSet have experience in this area and can you help us?

A: Yes. From a single vehicle to a multi-vehicle car transporter SpanSet have a comprehensive range of equipment, developed over many years working with leading providers in the car transportation industry .

Q – How do I protect my taskforce as they load vehicles in our despatch area?

A: As part of our Height safety equipment range we design and manufacture overhead safety line systems. Our Specialist Installations Team will be able to visit your site and advise on how to protect your workforce from falls from height whilst loading.

Q – Do you offer High Bay Racking Rescue equipment and Training?

A: Yes.  SpanSet both manufacture and train people how to use evacuation kits.  SpanSet invented the Gotcha Rescue range and have developed a High Bay Racking Rescue course.

See more informaitoin on high bay racking and how we can help you