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The UK’s 5G infrastructure rollout is expanding rapidly – Tower Climbers and Riggers are you trained and ready for the revolution?!

5G is the next and fifth generation of wireless technology - it follows 3G which led to the launch of smartphones and 4G which enabled faster browsing. 5G is much faster, offers greater capacity, better responsiveness and most excitingly with 5G comes the potential for a digital revolution in the UK. 5G will support services for the Internet of Things - devices, from simple sensors to smartphones connected together, ‘talking’ to each other. 

5G Rollout means upgrading both masts, towers and other infrastructure as well as the hardware on it – and that requires a highly skilled and trained workforce of Tower Climbers, Riggers and Technicians. 

All four major UK mobile networks have launched 5G services and the Telecoms industry is busy upgrading the hardware required to ensure nationwide 5G coverage as quickly as possible.  This has created a demand for trained Tower Climbers, Riggers and Technicians as there’s a lot of work to be done.  Many of the 5G antenna are larger than for 3 and 4G so masts and towers are being upgraded, some structures cannot take any more ‘furniture’ so new masts and towers are being built and 1000’s of 5G Antenna are being installed on a variety of mobile network sites across the country including masts and steel lattice towers, single poles, industrial buildings and rooftops.  This work will continue for years and provides an excellent opportunity for trained professionals.

Open faced Towers, Monopoles and Lattice Masts - just some of the structures Riggers need to be trained to work on safely.

The advantages of Telecoms Training with SpanSet ready for the 5G Revolution – SpanSet, Lifting and Height Safety experts!

  • We offer a comprehensive range of telecom training courses.
  • Excellent Training facilities and relevant Structures.
  • Both Height Safety and Lifting Training courses and equipment available.
  • Expertise – our Instructors and Product Champions have decades of experience working as Riggers in the Telecoms industry.
  • SpanSet are accredited providers of both MATS and MBNL courses.
  • Inspection Services – equipment inspected while you train.

A Comprehensive Range of Telecoms Training Courses:

In 2008 SpanSet were the first Training company to be accredited to BS8454 – the code of practice for the Delivery of Training and Education for Working at Height and Rescue.

The modern-day Telecoms Tower Climber, Rigger and Technician require a wide range of qualifications to work in the Industry.  Train with SpanSet, for all you needs in one location:

…and many more including but not exclusive to Fixed Ladder Rescue, Monopole Rescue, First Aid at Height.  Please contact our helpful Customer Service Team for information on our comprehensive range of Telecoms and Industrial Climber Training Courses on 01606 737494.


NEW! MATS Initial Basic Tower Climber and Rescue Passport Package

The complete work at height safety training package for workers in telecommunications and broadcast industry.

For new starters in the Telecoms and Broadcast Industry this competitively priced 5 day package combines the content of our range of telecoms courses to provide you with the skills needed to access and work on tower structures and rooftops.

View Training Package


Excellent Training Facilities:

Our purpose-built Training Facility based in Middlewich, Cheshire offers exceptional Training Structures and facilities including a Lattice Mast, Open Faced Tower and Monopole, both indoor and outdoor Training Structures and Rooftops together with state of the art classrooms with smartboard technology.  Not forgetting of course our comfortable reception area and excellent coffee machine – we even provide a tasty lunch! 

SpanSet – Experts in both Height Safety and Lifting:

Positioning heavy antennae requires expert lifting skills and this has placed SpanSet in a unique position to offer a wide variety of both Telecoms and Lifting Training courses, perfect for those working on the new 5G installations.

SpanSet are Lifting equipment manufacturers – we invented the modern round sling!  – and also offer expert Lifting Training courses. With decades of experience in the Lifting sector, trust SpanSet to supply quality lifting equipment and train you how to use it, safely.


SpanSet Lifting Equipment - over 50 years of SpanSet innovation and quality products from a progressive Industry Leader.


SpanSet Lifting Training - providing the crucial link between the worker and the equipment.

Technical Expertise and a wealth of Telecoms/Rigging experience at SpanSet:

Neil Pinder, Telecommunications and Utilities Manager at SpanSet has 30+ years’ experience within the Telecoms Industry.  Neil worked worldwide as a Rigger including in Antarctica and as an Operations Manager ran many Telecoms Teams.  With an in-depth understanding of the Telecoms industry, Neil helped design the SpanSet Training courses and regularly advises customers, helping to provide practical solutions to rigging equipment and difficult access problems.  Many of our Instructors are also from a Rigging background so you can be assured of a wealth of knowledge when Training at SpanSet!

Neil Pinder - He knows Rigging!

Inspection Services:

SpanSet provide trusted independent Inspection Services to a wide range of companies from smaller businesses to long term contracts with multinationals.  We are passionate about developing strong working relationships with our customers, helping them maintain excellent safety records.  Safety – it’s what we do. 

Our professional Inspection Team have extensive industry experience in a wide range of sectors: From Telecoms to Transport, the Armed Forces to Construction.  

Equipment Inspection, Testing and Asset Management is all about worker safety.  SpanSet offer a range of Inspection Services to keep a workforce safe - from Inspection On Demand to a Fully Managed Inspection Service or a Subscription Service for those requirements in between.

Avoid downtime and arrange for your equipment to be inspected whilst you train! Full details here:

If you need training or equipment for work in the Telecoms sector as a Tower Climber, Rigger or Technician we can help. For over 50 years, SpanSet have been passionate about developing strong working relationships with our customers, helping them maintain excellent safety records.  We’re proud of our heritage, knowledge and expertise and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Have a question for us? Need help booking a course? Leave a message here.

Or call and speak to one of our friendly team now on 01606 737494.