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Secutex Duplex Websling - fully protected for sharp edges.

Safe Lifting 

SpanSet design and manufacture a wide range of lifting slings ideal for lifting precast concrete onto vehicles for transportation to site including our Powerflex and Secutex Webslings.  

Secutex Duplex Websling

With full protection for use with sharp edges, the S2 has Secutex coating on both surfaces. Ideal for lifting concrete slabs with sharp edges.

Powerflex Duplex Websling

With a coating over the body of the sling to protect against abrasion from surfaces such as concrete. The webbing is sealed against ingress of dirt so that the sling can be easily cleaned down after use.

Flexible so can be used to choke the load.

NoCut Sleeves and Pads

The NoCut range protects standard lifting slings.

Lifting Training Courses

SpanSet run regular courses for those who intend to carry out or are responsible for planning lifting operations. Our popular one day Practical Lifting and Slinging Beneath the Hook training course is run in accordance with the LEEA Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment and current requirements of PUWER and LOLER.  We also provide competent person inspection and record keeping training.

For advice on our Lifting products or Training - call now on 01606 737494 or leave a message/request more information here.


Genuine 'SpanSet' ratchet lashing with in-built TFI.

Safe Transportation

SpanSet design and manufacture a wide range of Load Control equipment including heavy duty ratchet straps to safely secure even the heaviest loads.  Trust our products to keep your loads securely in place and protected from damage when in transit.   

Tension Force Indicator

Always the innovators, SpanSet introduced the TFI over ten years ago.  Prior to this, when determining the pre-tensioning force, additional electronic devices were used which are accurate but expensive. Our unique mechanical aid, the TFI reliably shows the pre-tensioning force that has been achieved, is installed directly on the tensioning device, is well protected and easy to read. Many of our products have been fitted with TFIs as standard, meaning that expensive measurements are a thing of the past.

SpanSet are the only manufacturer to offer ratchet lashings with an in-built TFI.
Anti Slip Matting

 This popular SpanSet product increases the friction between the load and the load bed thus dramatically reducing the number of lashings required.  Quicker to load/unload and load security is increased. 


SpanSet of course offer a wide range of Load Restraint & Working at Height on Vehicles Training courses.

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Safely Installed

SpanSet offer a wide range of Height Safety Equipment and Training to keep construction workers safe when working on site. 

From the Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit and training to Temporary Horizontal Safety Lines and Work Positions Lines to keep workers safe from falls when working near slab edges. 

For advice on Height Safety Equipment or Training - call now on 01606 737494 or leave a message/request more information here.


Whether lifting heavy loads, transporting goods or installing precast concrete on site, SpanSet are with you all the way with quality Lifting, Load Control and Height Safety equipment and Training.

SpanSet #DeliveringSafety.

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