Safe Lifting with SpanSet

Scaffolders, protect your workmates - avoid dropped objects!

Safe Lifting with SpanSet

Scaffolders, protect your workmates - avoid dropped objects!

SpanSet have supplied both safe lifting equipment and training to the scaffolding industry for over 50 years.

Our innovative products and industry leading training courses ensure we remain at the forefront of improving lifting safety on construction sites nationwide.

SpanSet products designed for safe lifting on scaffold

For the modern scaffolder, worker safety is of the highest priority.  Dropped objects when lifting equipment on scaffolding is a serious hazard and measures should be put in place to avoid the risk of items hitting workers below the lift.  The use of ‘gin wheels’ for example should be consigned to history.

Safe Lifting Kit

Our unique and ever popular Safe Lifting Kit allows workers to transport small, mixed loads to the top of structures.  The SLK features an auto lock function, protecting workers and equipment below the bag should the person pulling the lifting rope accidentally let go.  Available in different heights from 50m to 180m, cost effective and lightweight.

Each SLK has one serial number for traceability and ease of inspection.

The Grabba Bag – avoid dropped objects with the only rated lifting bag! 

The original ‘bag built into a sling’.  SpanSet observed loads on construction sites, for example scaffold connectors, being lifted using an inspected and certified crane, sling and hook but being put into the equivalent of a ‘rusty bucket’ with no certification, rating or inspection.  This led to the design of our popular Grabba bag – rated to EN1492.1 Lifting Standards. 

Ideal when used in conjunction with the Safe Lifting Kit, the unique grabba bag is waterproof and has a secure closure. It can be used in a ‘daisy chain’, lifting with one bag under another.

A genuine SpanSet Grabba bag is the only certified lifting bag available built with an integral sling - why use anything less? 

ScaffGrip Tube

Designed to provide a convenient method of lifting scaffold tubes in complete safety. Scaffgrip Lifting Slings have a Safe Working Load of 30Kg making them suitable to lift all steel scaffold tubes.

ScaffGrip Board

Scaffold board lift straps designed to securely hold standard size scaffold boards, allowing for them to be lifted and lowered in an efficient and safe manner. Can hold board from 6 to 13feet. Minimum breaking strength is 1.1 tonne.

ScaffGrip Hook

The ultimate scaffolding hook ideal for use when board lifting. The ScaffGrip Hook has a lifting capacity of 30kg.  


This is a robust lifting bag/tub made from cut resistant materials with a hinged lid with handle and an integral lifting sling. 

Scaffolders Safe Slinging and Lifting Course 

New and exclusive from SpanSet the Market Leaders, successfully training 12,000+ candidates annually. The latest addition to our range of Safe Lifting courses, the Scaffolders Safe Slinging and Lifting Course.

A one day course which provides the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to safely lift scaffold materials on an operational site.

This course is designed for scaffolders who intend to conduct safe practical lifting operations and/or managers who need to plan lifting operations using the SpanSet Safe Lifting Kit and SpanSet ScaffGrip products.


SpanSet - supplying the Scaffolding Industry

The scaffolding sector is a harsh environment for both workers and their equipment. 
Scaffolders deserve equipment specifically designed for the unique and complex work scaffold erection and dismantling is. 

Equipment should be tough and of a quality built to last, plus of course traceable, making inspection and remaining compliant straightforward.

SpanSet understand the above and offer a wide range of products, training and inspection services to the scaffolding industry.

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