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If you don’t accept imitations, if you want to buy original, genuine SpanSet Height Safety, Lifting and Load Control equipment – look out for our new logo! 

From Ratchet lashings to Grabba Bags, SpanSet have been at the forefront of innovative design and manufacture for over 50 years. 




The company founders were involved in the design of the world’s first car safety belts which were made of high-strength fabric ribbon.  Many pioneering and durable inventions soon followed and were quickly employed in many other areas where up to that point, chains and wire ropes had been used.  SpanSet’s vast experience in webbing-based products provided the perfect background to invent the modern ratchet lashing and later the roundsling together with the European Standard colour coding for their use.  No wonder both are known as ‘SpanSets’! 


Lifting Training Courses

SpanSet introduced the colour coding system which was adopted as the European Standard for modern roundslings 



Lifting Experts

Round Slings – commonly known as ‘SpanSets!’ 

Used on construction sites throughout the UK, genuine SpanSets are trusted by workers to keep themselves and their colleagues safe. 

We offer a wide range of lifting slings, from the competitively priced Spectre Round Slings to the Magnum X - designed to lift the heaviest loads.   

Lifting Training courses are also available, run by our experienced Instructors:

It may well be ‘imitation is the greatest form of flattery’ however why wouldn’t you buy a genuine ‘SpanSet’ backed by our support, expertise and Training?


Ratchet Lashings – also commonly known as ‘SpanSets’ 

A familiar sight on the country’s roads, genuine SpanSets are trusted by hauliers to ensure loads are delivered safely. 

In the Haulage Industry, ratchet lashings are often referred to as ‘SpanSets’.  We offer a comprehensive range, from the competitively priced Spectre Ratchets  to our heavy duty ratchet lashings - designed to secure the heaviest of loads.   We also offer Load Control Training

Trust genuine ‘SpanSets’ to ensure your loads arrive safely and undamaged.


SpanSet Spectre Ratchet Lashings

Load Control Training


Temporary Horizontal Safety Lines – the ‘Red SpanSets’  

For construction workers needing to gain access to unprotected edges using work restraint techniques, SpanSet offer a patented Horizontal Restraint Line system together with the Training.  A familiar sight on construction sites, ‘Red SpanSets’ include our patented TFI (Tension Force Indicator).  Workers know they have tensioned the line correctly and therefore the safe suspended clearance height. 

No guesswork with Red SpanSets! 


Gotcha – the original Fall Arrest Rescue Kit, designed and manufactured by SpanSet here in the UK. 

When your co-worker has fallen, is suspended at height and needs rescuing – every second counts.  Gotcha is the only patented, preassembled fall arrest rescue kit which is ready to use and can be deployed straight away. Trusted by the trades, from scaffolders on construction sites to electricians on oil rigs, Gotcha is the original, Fall Arrest Rescue kit. #Trusttheexperts. #TrustSpanset 

Height Safety – it’s what we do. 



The Grabba Bag – avoid dropped objects with the only rated lifting bag! 

The original ‘bag built into a sling’.  SpanSet observed loads on construction sites, for example scaffold connectors, being lifted using an inspected and certified crane, sling and hook but being put into the equivalent of a ‘rusty bucket’ with no certification, rating or inspection.  This led to the design of our popular Grabba bag – rated to EN1492.1 Lifting Standards.  A genuine SpanSet Grabba bag is the only certified lifting bag available built with an integral sling.  Why use anything less? 

Avoid dropped objects with SpanSet! 

These are just some examples of original, genuine SpanSets.  For more information on any of our innovative products or expert training, please get in touch tel: 01606 737494 or leave a message here.